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"Ah yes, fire... the great equalizer for things taller than I am... Which is everything!" ~ Valcenien

Valcenien is a Gnome Sorcerer who lived in the Northlands 50 years before The Unexpectables arrived in The City of Alivast. He is voiced and played by Arcolf.

Valcenien is a portly young gnome with light brown skin, soft, amber eyes, unkempt, silvery, shoulder-length hair, and a pair of muttonchops that could only be described as "magnificent".

His presence in the Northlands is a bit of a mystery though it is known he is searching the world for materials, with a particular interest in a metal called “Frosted Iron”.

Personality Edit

Valcenien is a proper, intelligent sort who can make friends fast, even with those who are more vicious than most. However, he is known to hold a grudge over what he considers to be perfectly understandable things.

He has an almost manic glee when it comes to the particulars of tinkering and his use of the chaotic forces of Wild Magic.

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Aussir Edit

Valcenien views Aussir as a brute, but a well meaning one. Aussir and Val are quite willing to trade barbs, though neither appear to mean anything by them.

Ghost Edit

Valcenien won't let go of the fact that Ghost caused an avalanche that caused the group to meet and set them on the path of adventure together. Despite this, he is somewhat fond of her, albeit begrudgingly.

Snowflower Edit

Valcenien absolutely adores Snowflower and already considers him to be a great friend and his favorite non-gnome. He appreciates Snowflower's willingness to experiment with the wild magic influenced Plunger of Wonder and the Goliath's willingness to carry him around. Snowflower is quite firmly in Valcenien’s good book.

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Valcenien fan art by @ForteSp89

Valcenien fan art by @ForteSp89

Trivia Edit

  • His full name is Valcenien Amadeus Vilhelm Arcturion Belscarn Vaelmohn
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