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Valithea is a country in the Alton Region and roughly the size as Austria. It borders Eltmur and fought a losing war against their aggressive neighbor which only ended when the Silver King intervened.

Prior to the military invasion, Eltmur used all manner of poisoning, assassination, and espionage to weaken Valithea. When the capital city was besieged, Pandion Corbeau, Captain of the Raven Knights - Valithea's royal guard, led a holding action to allow the populace to evacuate. Despite the Raven Knights' heroic sacrifice, the capital was occupied and nearly razed before the Silver King met with the Eltmur leadership and stopped the invasion. According to Remy, the Silver King was "halfway home" after this initial intervention when, for unknown reasons, he returned and slaughtered the Eltmer leadership and took control of both countries.

Valithea has since been returned to independence and self-rule.

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Pinespire Mountains Edit

These mountains are the home of the Silver King. Their precise location in relation to Valithea and Eltmur is unknown.

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Corbeau Family Crest

Corbeau Family Crest by Mark Clifton

  • Raven Knights - A notable group of heroic knights whose sworn duty was to protect the king. The invasion from Eltmur had them save the people in the capitol by leading a heroic sacrifice which saw them all slain but one, though recently the organization has seen a comeback under the new royalty.
  • The Corbeau Family - Prominent citizens of Valithia until the Eltmer invasion. Pandion Corbeau was the captain of the Raven Knights. His son, Remus (Remy) Corbeau, and his surviving family currently live in Alivast (Aria, Olivia, and Lucio).

Trivia Edit

  • Most of Valithea's history was created by Edward Bosco as part of Remy's backstory.
  • Valithea's language and names were heavily influenced by romance languages, with influences from French, Latin, and Itallian.
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