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"No wonder the heretic fled here." ~Viantius

Viantius is a Paladin of the United Clergy of Orun holding the rank and title of Herald of the Sun. He seems to work directly under The Speaker, the organization's enigmatic leader. He was sent to Alivast seeking a rogue member of the clergy. Upon his and his compatriots' arrival, many Alivastian's citizens with Underdark or demonic lineage (such as kobolds and tieflings) went into hiding to avoid being killed by Viantius and his cronies.

When he and his group encountered The Unexpectables, they immediately attacked them. The Unexpectables managed to fend off and wound many of Viantius' compatriots and Viantius himself was thrown from his horse by paladins of the Alivastian city guard and taken to prison.

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Viantius has been described as 'snooty' and seems to surround himself with an air of superiority and self-importance, looking down on those he views as lesser than himself, which may include most people he deals with. He openly disdains the city of Alivast due to the diverse people there including those of 'undesirable' heritage. If the genocidal, racist doctrine of his United Clergy of Orun reflects his personal views in the slightest, then he is truly a despicable, hate-filled man.

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The United Clergy of Orun Edit

Viantius is a member of the United Clergy of Orun. He appears to be the leader of a small group from the church sent to Alivast. According to Hellina, both she and Diella were silenced and chastised by Viantius and Ragis when they tried to speak or ask questions.

Brorc Bronze-FangEdit

Viantius seems to deal directly with Brorc regarding their business in Alivast. Due to Viantius' position within the United Clergy of Orun, Brorc seems willing to appease Viantius despite disliking the elf. since Viantius could authorize further activity by the clergy if met with resistance.

Trivia Edit

  • Several characters have gone on record saying that he has "a very punchable face."
  • Responsible for flumph genocide.
  • Along with his rank, he holds a second title of “Uniter of the Faith”, as he is called by Hellina. This suggests that he may haves played part in the Orun Clergy’s extremist doctrines.
  • His name is a deliberate pun on 'apostrophe'. When MontyGlu asked some friends for suggestions for elf names, they gave her names with 'a lot of apostrophes in them' and the discussion quickly degraded into who could make the silliest name with the most apostrophes. His name became a joke referring to this.
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