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Vladimir is a Tiefling Wizard who originally worked in the Underbelly, but decided to live in peace with his orcish husband and leave the life of crime behind him. His world was upended however when the Dragon Cult attacked, smashed in his roof and his beloved was abducted. Since that day, Vladimir has worked day and night to find his husband, regardless of whether or not he's alive. At some point later, he made his way to Alivast, and joined the Merkz.

Personality Edit

Vladimir is a man of contrasts: he initially appears stern person, generally keeping his voice never above a growled whisper unless something rouses his interest, or strikes a nerve, wherein Vladimir reveals he has a more bombastic, passionate side to himself; for good and for ill.

Vladimir cares quite a bit about the people in his life, and is naturally cautious about them potentially risking their lives, knowing first-hand how precious they can be and how easily they can be taken.

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His Husband Edit

Vlad loves his husband dearly, and his abduction weighs heavily on his mind. When the Dragon Cult surfaces as a culprit for the abduction of farm animals, he fights without hesitation or mercy.

Dragon Cult Edit

Vladimir hates the dragon cult with an (almost literal) burning passion due to their abduction of his husband. He has no mercy intended for them whatsoever.

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