Background[edit | edit source]

Winter is a white-scale kobold and member of the gryphon riding mercenary group containing Remy, Avery and Gregory.

Winter was found by her current companions six months prior to meeting The Unexpectables, when the latter fell from the sky. She was found face down in the forest and the group took her in. Most of her past beyond that point is a mystery, as Winter appears either unwilling or incapable of speaking a word.

Winter seems to have a deep found love for flying. Despite being with Avery's Gryphon Riders for only half a year, she can keep up with more experienced riders, and could arguably be considered the most talented rider in the company itself. She can also play a flute that can summon, or at least, attract dragons.

Episode 129/Podcast 116 Spoilers
Winter is eventually revealed to be the reincarnation of Valalina, the first white dragon of the mortal plane. It is also revealed that her soul, like Task's, is a shard of Insdroc's shattered essence.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Because she never speaks, Winter is quiet, and one can get the impression she is shy because of it. This couldn't be further from the truth, as she is as brave as any member of the gryphon knights, and somewhat brash and direct in her way of dealing with others.

Winter doesn't appear to know much about other Kobolds, and seems eager to learn about them whenever she can.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Task[edit | edit source]

Winter took an immediate interest in Task, apparently unfamiliar with other kobolds. Despite Task's reservations regarding giant avians, Winter attempted to ease his discomfort and appeared very drawn to the red-scale.

With this in mind, she also seems very forward with Task to the point of brashness. On several occasions while flying, she attempted to calm him by either slapping him or shutting his mouth when screaming. She also displayed an unusual custom of placing a hand on Task's chest when practicing the kobold salute. She later gave Task her goggles after he finally confessed his feelings for her.

Remy[edit | edit source]

Remy has been very worried about Winter since she disappeared. At his request, Edward Enrobso had his shadow servants locate winter and she sent a cryptic message written on birch bark in draconic that said: "No come. Safe Not. Find Mirror. Answers past."

Dragon Cult[edit | edit source]

The news of the Dragon Cult destroying Lebreaus weighed heavily on Winter, souring her mood and keeping her distant from the others in her squadron. She recently flew off from the camp and although she does this rather frequently, there is some concern as to her well-being. It is also implied that the injuries Task pointed out were due to the Dragon Cult.

It is later revealed that Winter was actually a key component in their plan to revive their fallen god, Insdroc. They were willing to devote significant time and resources to tracking her down and capturing her, although in the end this was for naught as Winter played a key role in bringing down their champion and leader, Darkus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While Winter does not seem able to speak, she comprehends both the Common and Draconic languages. It is unclear if she can read and write, as she expressed confusion at the mention of pen and paper for communication.

Winter fan art by @BatteryBatty

  • Winter is considered small even by kobold standards, especially with her smaller ears.
  • She is surprisingly cool to the touch. Task discovered this when she placed his hand on her chest while bidding him farewell.
  • As White Kobolds are known to specialize in teleportation magic, it is believed that Winter's arrival in Alivast was through magical means.
  • Winter carries a dagger.
  • Winter lost her voice when the emergency teleportation ritual that she used to escape the Northlands went awry.

Winter fan art by @SaichaEevee

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