Official Everbright Area Map by MontyGlu

Rivi's map of Western Alivast: Official Art by @MontyGlu

Wolf's Den is a small town west of Alivast and east of Everbright, Dragon's Take and Briar's Glen. It's a very small village with few residents comprised of only a few buildings. The town primarily deals in furs and the mayor is Payton Black. The Unexpectables came to Wolf's Den to investigate a recent raid, only to be sent on a new quest to rescue Payton's daughter Colette from the giant Raunfalt.

The following winter, The Unexpectables and their companions Doros, Remy, and Lily passed through the town again on the trail of The Silver King. They informed all the residents of the potential danger and advised them to evacuate if things got rough.

Notable Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A kindly grandma living in Wolf's Den made Panic a special mountain lion fur hat to wear while performing.
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