Background[edit | edit source]

Wolfgang and Liliya are a brother and sister team of investigators and bounty hunters. They were referred to The Unexpectables by Abacus Fleetfinger after they returned from a successful mission in Wolves Den, due to a request by Task to hunt down someone.

The pair did not arrive for several days after being hired due to missing their boat, but located The Sweet Dragon and waited to met Task there on arrival.

Wolfgang and Liliya appear to be a professional team, in possession of the training, experience, contacts and resources to work in their dangerous profession. Of the two, Liliya seems more serious and taciturn, while Wolfgang appears to handle most of the talking. The two seem to have a fairly good personal relationship as well, exchanging occasional friendly jibes and showing no particular dislike for the other.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Task[edit | edit source]

Through Abacus Fleetfinger, Wolfgang and Liliya were employed to Task in an effort to track down Darkus who deceived his former clutch into seeking protection form a blue dragon named Kreighgaram which instead killed the undefended clutch. Task later receives a grisly package delivered by Liliya's battered hawk. The package contained the eyes, presumably those of the siblings, and a note taunting Task.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wolfgang wore an eye-patch.
  • Wolfgang mentioned that his sister and he do not tend to stay in large cities for long. This may indicate that the pair tend to be more comfortable in the wilderness and put their services up for hire out of necessity.
  • In Episode 52 it is revealed that both Wolfgang and Liliya have been slain.
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