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Ydia is a nature spirit called upon by Olga Spiritcaller when she seeks guidance for Task's bear hunt which she considers to be a Man-Trial. Through her shamans she communicates what animals the Northlanders should hunt and when so that her followers don't overhunt and deplete resources.

Olga Spiritcaller says that only women speak to Ydia, implying that her clergy are all female, though all the Northlanders rely on Ydia's guidance to know when and what to hunt. Ydia often requires a sacrifice in the form of a portion of a hunt, such as the bear hide from Task's man-trial.

Ydia Sumbol fan art by Deedah

Ydia Sumbol fan art by Deedah

Ydia used a raven to grant Olga the ability to speak and understand common to direct Task who then was granted a vision as he meditated in front of her altar at the conclusion of his man-trial.

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  • Ydia's followers often clash with followers of Ginter due to their different approaches regarding the natural world.
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